wordpress 500 internal server error :/

Yes, it happens to every proud WP self-hosted site owner from time to time… It came to me suddenly and without any warning (now who would have thought?!). I was installing a bunch of plugins, trying to refresh a little bit my wedding photography and movies site and everything went excellent. It came while I was uploading one effin’ post thumbnail! I hit an update button and browser just smacked my face with infamous 500 internal server error… brrrr… After few minutes of hitting refresh button I gave up and, as always, I’ve started searching, drilling through google. I’ve found some nice concepts at: ardentdev.com designforunity.com nullin.com lee-jones.com wordpress.org wordpress.org 2 wordpress.org 3

After few hours of worthless attempts to bring my site back to life (why none off those didn’t work? why??) the one and only solution occurred to be right. And as you probably figured it out already it was the most obvious one.

I’ve deleted .htaccess! It was that simple!

Well, practically it was 2 of them - one for each CMS (one for Joomla! was deleted only temporary, to let good old wordpress recover in peace).

So remember, next time keep your eyes open for the most obvious solutions… Hope one of these fancy-shmancy solutions will work for you (or me next time).

By the way… Do someone else run at this problem very often? how do you manage to resolve it? Links, ideas will be highly appreciated.